AstroBoomers Game: To the Moon – Play

Step into the exhilarating world of AstroBoomers: To The Moon!, a unique crash slot developed by FunFair, and embark on a thrilling voyage to the moon. This game is a testament to FunFair’s ingenuity, revolutionizing the gaming industry with its captivating mechanics and ground-breaking design.

Experience an intense adrenaline rush in challenging your colleagues’ nerves to stay aboard for as long as possible and get the most rewards with real-time, multiplayer, interactive gameplay! Play up to three bets per round for enormous payouts or take a more methodical approach by using the auto-eject possibilities to reach jackpots of up to 250,000!

Attribute Description
🎮 Game Type Crash Slot
🛠️ Developer FunFair
🚀 Theme Space Adventure
💰 Minimum Bet €0.1
💰 Maximum Bet €100
📈 Maximum Multiplier 2,500x
🎲 Player-Determined Volatility Yes
💹 RTP 92% – 97%

Engaging Gameplay and Stellar Features of AstroBoomers: To the Moon

AstroBoomers: To The Moon! offers a gaming experience that contrasts with typical slot games. Here, players have the power to control the gaming process, deciding when to cash out and when to take the risk for bigger potential rewards.

Despite its straightforward gameplay, AstroBoomers: To The Moon! doesn’t skimp on features. It excels in audiovisual quality, providing an immersive gaming experience. Its innovative crash format and potential wins of up to 2,500x make it an irresistible choice for players.

Astroboomers Game

Astroboomers Game

The game might not offer extra features to embellish the gameplay, but its simplicity, coupled with the space theme, makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a different kind of thrill in online slots.

A Fresh Spin on Crash Games

AstroBoomers: To The Moon! is an innovative take on the popular crash game format. Originating in the crypto casino world, these games are rapidly gaining traction, thanks to their blend of simplicity and engagement. AstroBoomers: To The Moon! follows a similar concept, infusing it with a unique narrative and a fresh spin.

As a player, your mission is to navigate your way through a shower of meteors, departing Earth, and reaching for the stars. Your objective is to predict the growth of the multiplier coefficient and cash out before it crashes. It’s a thrilling, immersive experience that simulates the tension of a space voyage.

Pros and Cons of AstroBoomers: To The Moon!


  1. Unique Gameplay: AstroBoomers: To The Moon! brings a fresh take to the online casino world with its crash slot mechanics, offering a different gaming experience compared to regular slots.
  2. Player-Determined Volatility: The game allows you to be in control of your risk level, offering a thrilling and engaging experience.
  3. High Maximum Multiplier: With a maximum multiplier of up to 2,500x, the game has the potential for significant winnings.
  4. Interactive Multiplayer Feature: You can see other players’ bets and winnings, and even interact with them via chat.
  5. High RTP: The game offers a high Return to Player (RTP) rate, with the maximum setting being 97%.
  6. Engaging Theme: The space adventure theme, coupled with impressive audiovisual quality, adds to the overall gaming experience.
Astroboomers Crash Game

Astroboomers Crash Game


  1. No Extra Features: Despite its innovative format, the game does not offer additional features to enhance the straightforward gameplay.
  2. High Risk: The player-determined volatility also means there is a risk of losing your bet if you don’t cash out before the multiplier crashes.
  3. Learning Curve: For those accustomed to traditional slots, the game mechanics might require some time to understand and master.
  4. Lower RTP Setting: The game also offers a lower RTP setting of 92%, which is below average compared to other slots.

AstroBoomers Game Rules

  • The objective of the game is to make a decision when to jump off the rocket before it explodes.
  • The betting stage shows a count down telling you how much time is left till the next round and when it will begin.
  • The BET selectors allow you to make up to three bets on a game round. The total amount that may be wagered in a round is the sum of all three BET amounts, up to a maximum of 100.
  • The betting list is dynamic, and it will only display remaining amounts from a total wager of 100 on all three choices.
  • Bets can be automatically ejected if the resulting AUTO AVE is greater than or equal to the current BET. The round continues to play, and if the MULTIPLIER is met by the rocket, the astronaut will be thrown out.
  • If an AUTO is selected, the BET amount will revert to the lowest BET quantity until altered.
  • Any of the three BET selectors may be set to AUTO.
  • If the user has taken a bet, he or she may EJECT it by pressing the EJECT button. The specified win amount will be erased and returned to the user.
  • When the EJECT button is pressed on a bet with an AUTO value, it will be automatically removed.
  • If the rocket explodes, the winning presentation for any surviving astronauts is shown before moving on to the next betting round.

Winnings are calculated based on the MULTIPLIER displayed for the rocket at the time the ACTIVE BET is collected.

  • The minimum payout multiplier is 1.01. The maximum payout multiplier is 2500x.
  • No winnings are given if the rocket explodes and the multiplier is lower than 1.01x.
  • If the rocket’s multiplier is exceeded, eject will be triggered for active bets, and the win amount paid out.
  • The MULTIPLIER is the winning amount of the active bet, which is calculated by multiplying the active BET amount by itself.
  • If more than one active bet wins, the earnings are combined.
  • If the rocket detonates and any unclaimed active bets are not redeemed, they will not be refunded.

Betting and Multiplier Mechanics

The game starts at the launch pad, where players board the rocket and place their bets. AstroBoomers: To The Moon! allows up to three bets per round, catering to all players with a minimum bet of just €0.1 and a maximum of €100 per round.

Once the rocket launches, the bet multiplier starts to increase. It begins at 1x, potentially soaring to an impressive 2,500x. Players must decide when to cash out by clicking the ‘Eject’ button, collecting the accumulated bet multiplier.

For a more automated approach, there’s an auto-eject feature, enabling players to cash out automatically when a specified multiplier value is reached.

Astroboomers FunFair

Astroboomers FunFair

Get Acquainted with AstroBoomers via the Demo Version

The demo version of AstroBoomers: To The Moon! offers an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the game before diving into real betting. It replicates the full version, allowing players to understand the mechanics, learn the rules, and formulate a strategy.

Benefits of the AstroBoomers Demo Version

Risk-Free Exploration

One of the primary benefits of the demo version is the opportunity to explore the game without any financial risk. You can understand the gameplay, get to grips with the betting system, and learn when to cash out without worrying about losing real money.

Strategy Development

The demo version is an ideal platform to develop and refine your gaming strategy. It allows you to experiment with different betting amounts and cash out timings, helping you understand how these decisions impact your potential winnings.

Gameplay Familiarization

For beginners, the demo version serves as a valuable tool to familiarize themselves with the game’s features. It provides a hands-on understanding of player-determined volatility, cashing out strategies, and the auto-eject feature.


Lastly, the demo version is simply fun! Even if you’re not ready to bet real money, you can still enjoy the thrilling space voyage and the engaging gameplay that AstroBoomers: To The Moon! offers.

How to Access the AstroBoomers Demo Version

Accessing the AstroBoomers: To The Moon! demo version is typically straightforward. Most online casinos offer demo versions of their games. Simply navigate to the AstroBoomers: To The Moon! game on your chosen platform and select the demo or ‘Play for Fun’ option.

Remember, the AstroBoomers: To The Moon! demo version is a tool for practice and entertainment. It allows you to understand the game and build a strategy, but the outcomes in the demo game may not necessarily translate to the same outcomes in the real game.

Player-Determined Volatility: A Game-Changing Feature

AstroBoomers: To The Moon! boasts a player-determined volatility feature. The longer you stay in the game without cashing out, the higher your risk. However, this also heightens the potential rewards.

Additionally, the game offers two RTP (Return to Player) settings: a maximum of 97% and a minimum of 92%. This provides players with the flexibility to choose a setting that best matches their risk tolerance.

Strategy and Intuition: Key to Success

AstroBoomers: To The Moon! plays on the primal instincts of players, presenting them with a challenging decision: when to cash out. Wait too long, and you risk losing your bet. Yet, cash out too soon and you could miss out on larger rewards. This game requires a balanced strategy, combined with a healthy dose of intuition, to excel.

The game is multiplayer, allowing you to view the bets and winnings of other players and interact with them via chat. You are pitted against the house, but the outcome affects all players.

AstroBoomers: To The Moon

AstroBoomers: To The Moon

Step-by-Step Guide to Playing AstroBoomers: To The Moon!

Step 1: Find the Game

First, locate the AstroBoomers: To The Moon! game on your preferred online casino platform. The search function is usually the fastest way to find a specific game.

Step 2: Understand the Game

Before you start playing, familiarize yourself with the game rules and mechanics. This will help you develop an effective strategy and maximize your gaming experience.

Step 3: Set Your Bet

Decide on the amount you want to bet for the round. Remember, you can place up to three bets per round. The minimum bet is €0.1 and the maximum is €100.

Step 4: Start the Game

Press the ‘Start’ button to launch the rocket and begin the game. The bet multiplier starts at 1x and will continue to increase as the game progresses.

Step 5: Monitor the Multiplier

Keep an eye on the multiplier as it builds up. The multiplier is indicative of the potential winnings you could receive if you decide to cash out at that moment.

Step 6: Decide When to Cash Out

This is the most critical part of the game. You need to decide when to cash out. If you wait too long and the multiplier crashes, you lose your bet. If you cash out too soon, you might miss out on larger winnings. Trust your intuition and make the call.

Step 7: Cash Out

Once you’ve decided to cash out, press the ‘Eject’ button to collect your winnings based on the current multiplier.

Step 8: Repeat

After each round, you can choose to play again. Repeat the steps above, adjust your strategy as needed, and aim for even higher winnings!

AstroBoomers: To the Moon Game Functions

  • Bet Button: To open a list of bet amounts to establish for the specified bet.
  • Auto Eject Button: To auto-eject from the rocket for the specified wager, click to open a list of multiplier amounts.
  • Cancel Bet Button: To cancel a specific bet’s worth of or a stated auto eject amount, click the Cancel button beside it.
  • Rebet Button: To automatically set any prior round’s bet and auto-eject amounts. Will only appear if there are previous round’s amounts.
  • Eject Button: To win the whole amount shown, place your bet and click to eject from the rocket.
  • Flight History: Displays the past three multiplier totals for each flight.
  • Menu Button: Click to access the settings and game rules.
  • Audio Button: Click the Play/Pause button to turn all audio on or off.
  • Emoji Chat Button: Click to open chat feed.

Game Settings and Regulatory

Current time

At all times, the game client displays the current time (in the top right of the screen). The player’s computer or device clock is used to determine the time.

AstroBoomers Demo Game

AstroBoomers Demo Game

Additional Information

The following procedures may be subject to the gaming site’s rules and regulations.

  • The practice of maintaining incomplete game rounds.
  • The time at which inactive game sessions are automatically stopped.

In the event of a gaming hardware/software failure, all affected game wagers and payouts are canceled, as well as any affected bets.

Tips to Play at AstroBoomers

  • Use the AUTO EJECT feature to automatically jump off the rocket when it reaches a certain multiplier.
  • Keep an eye on the FLIGHT HISTORY to see what multipliers have been reached in previous rounds.
  • Use the REBET button to quickly place the same bets as the previous round.
  • Eject early to claim your winnings before the rocket explodes!

Final Thoughts

AstroBoomers is an online game that allows you to bet on the multiplier of a rocket. The minimum multiplier to payout is 1.01x and the maximum is 2500x. If the rocket explodes, any active bets are unclaimed and will not be returned. Use the AUTO EJECT feature to automatically jump off the rocket when it reaches a certain multiplier, and keep an eye on the FLIGHT HISTORY to see what multipliers have been reached in previous rounds. Use the REBET button to quickly place the same bets as the previous round. Eject early to claim your winnings before the rocket explodes!


How do I bet?

You can bet by clicking on the BET button and selecting a bet amount. You can also set an auto-eject amount, which will automatically eject you from the rocket when it reaches a certain multiplier.

How do I know when the rocket is about to explode?

The game client will show a warning message when the rocket is about to explode. You can also keep an eye on the FLIGHT HISTORY to see what multipliers have been reached in previous rounds.

What is the minimum bet?

The minimum bet is 1 AstroBoomer.

What is the maximum bet?

The maximum bet is 100 AstroBoomers.

What is the minimum multiplier to payout?

The minimum multiplier to payout is 1.01x.

What is the maximum multiplier?

The maximum multiplier is 2500x.

What happens if the rocket explodes?

If the rocket explodes, any active bets are unclaimed and will not be returned.